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sketch plan inside wall with photo numbers and direction of shot Cursus Archaeology offers the full range of cultural heritage services for private owners and companies engaged in construction, utilities and renewable energy in planning, pre-application and pre-purchase. Cursus Archaeology is also a member of the British Chambers of Commerce, and is Achilles UVDB Qualified

Professional Archaeological and Heritage Advice

Cursus Archaeology is experienced, helpful and on-hand to provide information and expert advice on archaeological and heritage issues throughout the UK

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Written Scheme of Investigation (WSI)

A WSI is a report that sets out the methodology and background for the project, then submitted to the Authority to allow archaeological work to commence



Archaeological Assessment

Experienced researching forms the basis for Desk-Based Assessments (DBA’s) which can be necessary when more information is required to understand the potential impacts on the historic environment – or impacts upon heritage assets; industry jargon for historic structures and remains. It can include a Field Walkover Survey, and come in variations such as; Heritage Impact Assessments, Visual Impacts Assessments, Rapid Archaeological Appraisals, and Heritage Statements. They can help to empower clients to anticipate requirements, and inform their project design


Archaeological Watching Brief

A watching brief is the monitoring of the work of a machine excavator (JB of 360) equipped with a toothless bucket in 100mm level reductions for any archaeological remains that may exist within a specified limited area, and the excavation and record of any archaeology observed during ground works


Archaeological Evaluation

archaeological evaluation trenches – aka trial trenches – can be opened prior to planning submission; their size and number will be a percentage of total site area, and targeted on suspected areas of archaeological potential


Full Archaeological Excavation

Further archaeological investigation including strip-map-and-record, or full archaeological excavation may be required based on previous discoveries during watching briefs and evaluations, depending on scale, complexity and significance of buried remains


Historic Building Recording

recording all built heritage including industrial, churches, castles and even weirs!

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Aerial Investigation and Mapping (AI&M)

identification, analysis and interpretation of aerial photographs and LiDAR images for earthworks, structures and buried remains for LiDAR and Aerial Photograph transcription reports



As the sole-trading Director of Cursus Archaeology and Project Consultant  – Jude Alexander Children – I am able to offer a personal and accessible service, especially to those who have not encountered archaeological issues in development before. I feel it is my duty to help people to navigate a new and daunting challenge in planning, and pre-planning applications, and to explain in detail the necessary steps, methodologies and potential outcomes. Pricing is clear and straightforward, and because my overheads are lower than County Council archaeological units and larger archaeological companies, I am able to provide value and keep costs reasonable. 

I also undertake field monitoring and excavation, and I source the best value sub-contractors for finds and sample analysis and experienced field archaeologists.

I have been an archaeologist since the age of 15, on large and small scale projects throughout the UK including for Crossrail, Temple of Mithras and plague burials in the City of London. I have many diverse interests and skills, and always likes to meet and overcome new challenges.


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Chamber of Commerce Member

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Achilles UVDB Qualified


Cursus Archaeology has current Public Liability and Indemnity insurance policies in place.

Cursus Archaeology Ltd. Registered in England

Reg no: 11286125



Anyone can reach me for information, advice, and patient and friendly in-depth help via:


phone: 07930 804921



past and current projects and news


Cursus Archaeology have assisted Ludlow Hydro Ltd with the successful construction of a Micro Hydro installation at Ludford in Ludlow. The site was particularly difficult due to it being within a SSSI area, within the curtilage of a listed building and attached to a scheduled ancient monument. Jude of Cursus Archaeology managed the process from agreeing the initial brief with the local planning authority working with contractors on site and submitting the final report which was well received. Throughout this process he maintained a professional approach managing the need to be thorough whilst also ensuring that construction work was able to proceed. I have no hesitation in recommending Cursus Archaeology to others and wish Jude good luck with future projects

-Angus Marshall Director Ludlow Hydro Ltd

Good service and good customer experience

– Ian